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Why We Sing . . .

Renee -
Why do I sing?I sing because it frees my mind and releases the stress from the week. Relaxing. Makes me feel happy. Beautiful music.

Phyllis -
I love singing and have sung with some kind of choir for most of my life. I stopped for awhile while raising kids and working full-time, but realized how much I missed it when I went back. My dad had been president of Choral Arts for many years and I sang with them for about 10 years before I moved out of the area where I sang with another local chorus. We moved back to this area 6 1/2 years ago and I looked for a community chorus in the area. I found Chagrin Valley Choral Union and am so glad I joined the group. Everyone was warm and welcoming, rehearsals were challenging and fun, and our concerts always came together beautifully. Choral singing has been proven to be beneficial for both the brain and the body. The music we learned sometimes seemed daunting at first, but with practice and perseverance, we came together to give beautiful performances, and I think the sound we made was awesome! It feels so good to come together as a group to create beautiful music.

Jim -
Doesn't too much matter what I sing, as long as I'm singing. I've sung in church choirs and Irish pubs; with Morris Dancers and in opera houses; in the shower and around campfires. I sing for the pure joy of it!

Who Sings With Us


  • Monica Bode
  • Julie Denker
  • Renee Karns


  • Sandra Cipiti
  • Anne-Doerte Forwick
  • Kathy Foulk
  • Eileen Jesionowski
  • Julia Watson


  • Pat Byers
  • Rick Jesionowski
  • Robert Rittenhouse
  • Jim Ritzert
  • Tom Watt